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Hey I am Denise Mortimer.

I am on a mission to share everything I know to help 
YOU create success! I have always been able to see the greatness within people and draw it to the surface. I am high energy and with super stamina and if you are reading this, YOU are meant to be here and WE need to talk!

A little about me:

I have a
Master's in Applied Positive Psychology

NLP Master /Coaching Master

I am an International speaker

I am the author of the ‘21 Days to Happier Ways’ book

Featured in Huffington Post as 'one to watch' for 2018

Featured in FORBES as an Emerging Female Entrepreneur in 2018

Co-Author of #1 Best Seller 'She Made it Happen'

I am a mentor to women and a few select men who are starting up
an online coaching businesses

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What my clients say about me.......

My biggest aim in life is to be able to help as many people as I can.
In the words of Audrey Hepburn: you have one hand to help yourself and the other to help others and I want to use my other hand by sharing my skills, knowledge & experience.
Before I started working with Denise I spent the last 10 years gaining tonnes of qualifications & knowledge , but I didn't really know how to use it all in the best way to be able to help other people!
Working with Denise gave me clarity on what I needed to do and all the skills I needed to be able to start!
It was the perfect push out of my comfort zone I needed.
Denise's tailored approach to everyone's needs it totally invaluable and she is super supportive, but also not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone, which works brilliantly!
Other than being amazing business mentor - Denise is an incredible, passionate, warm, hilarious lady who really cares about you & your success and it's a massive pleasure to work with her xx
'I had focused so much on making a difference in my work I nearly forget to create an income from it,
 I started working with Denise in January 2018. She had so many ideas about how I could create income.
 Denise has looked at all elements of my business and with a few small tweaks I made more £3,000 from different areas of my business in 3 days!
Denise is showing me how I can still be of the highest service to my clients AND create an income
Being great at what you do just isn’t enough. To really make an online business, in fact any business, you also need to be a marketer, a sale person and a strategist. Denise has helped me get all of these things in check. More than that she has helped me quickly learn the stuff that scared me and kept me small.
Through her endless energy, passion and incredible business acumen I have built a sustainable flow of warm leads for my business. I have built a strong framework that not only made my investment back in the first month but also extended my reach to a new engaged audience that have become my tribe.
I trust Denise implicitly and benefit immensely from every single piece of knowledge she puts my way- and trust me there are so many. I’m finally stepping into my true ability and it has been so much easier and enjoyable than I thought possible. Thank you Denise x
Since joining Denise only 8 weeks ago I have already grown so much as a person and business woman. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in order to grow my online business and have certainly developed some essential technical know how!
Denise has been there for me every step of the way. She has been very accessible, responds quickly to any queries or questions I may have and offers all that she can. She has most definitely nurtured me, challenged me, given me a ‘virtual’ kick up the bum when needed and encouraged me through the negative times, as well as the positives.
As a result of all this I have gained a new high end coaching client!
I owe a lot to Denise and I just love her commitment, energy, enthusiasm, drive and unstoppable attitude!
Denise certainly wants to see me succeed and is doing everything to make sure that I do!

Copyright Denise Mortimer 2018. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy.
Copyright Denise Mortimer 2018. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy.
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